IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGY: In the last two decades, Information Technology (IT) has proven itself, by completely changing the lives of both individuals and organizations. Accurate business planning, effective marketing, global sales, systematic management, real time monitoring and much more cannot be achieved without the use of IT, while most of the companies which refuse to keep up with technology, fail to keep up with the ever rising levels of competition as well.

OUR PURPOSE: Business Consulting Support CY is designed to introduce the benefits of Information Technology to Businesses. We provide products and services which enable our customers to boost their efficiency, allowing employees to process a greater level of work in a shorter period of time. Routine tasks are automated, data analysis is made easier, retrieving old data becomes a matter of seconds and communication with clients is brought to a whole new level.
WE WORK FOR YOU: As a company we are heavily focused on the customer. We do not ally ourselves with any particular vendor, instead we study the marketplace of IT solutions from the client’s point of view.  Balancing the professional approach and the cost effectiveness of the IT solutions is our key of success. Our staff is trained to explain complex technical details to a diverse audience, making it easy to comprehend, and allow our clients to make solid decisions.

DEPENDABLE: We have a concrete loyalty to our customers, ensuring Reliability and Trustworthiness by contract. It is guaranteed that we will be available for support, within a predefined reaction time, so that they will never be left vulnerable. Sensitive information is protected, by the means of confidentiality agreements, which prohibit the leak of information to any non-authorized person or third party.

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